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r/nc17, au
het!jongkey (jonghyun/gwiboon), mention of: onew/taemin and onew/gwiboon
1,851 words
warnings: genderswitch, hint of het sex, lots of swearing

a/n: so.... hey guys lol :( :( :( i'm sooo sorry for not updating for a month? but my quarter of school is almost over and i got swamped and had no creativity whatsoever. but i was like "whatever" and sat down and wrote this in about 2/3 hours. i didn't really proofread it, so you probably will see mistakes so yeah... i hope you like it :(

also! i'm writing a het!jongtae fic right now and it's going to be over 10,000 words for sure, so that also ate away my time. i really want to finish, but it's only halfway done, and it's almost 6,000 words! so i'll post that as soon as i'm done (which i hope is soon, since i should have time this weekend!)

happy (late) thanksgiving to those of you who celebrate!! ♥

Jonghyun has never seen Gwiboon this drunk before.

Being her best friend means they share everything – every dirty sex secret, every time her period is here, everything he does in the confines of his bedroom – yeah, everything.

But they never share how low her alcohol tolerance is and he kind of wishes they had before, because she is kind of heavy on his shoulder and she looks like she’s about to puke on him.

“Fuck him, Jonghyun! Fuck him in the ass for all I care! Oh wait… Taemin already is! I guess I’m too late!”

He learns, through her drunken babble, that she found Jinki and Taemin kissing earlier after she got impatient with waiting for her stupid boyfriend and she went to check on him. It’s unfair he remembers her saying earlier, I’ve given him everything, everything he’s ever wanted for two years… minus a dick, I guess. It’s so unfair!

He takes Gwiboon to his house because hers is on the other side of town, and she still lives with her mother. He doesn’t want her to see Gwiboon like this, not when she thinks Gwiboon is her perfect child, always studious and never in trouble.

He sighs when she’s finally off his shoulder and onto the couch, flexing and cracking his back a little bit, because while she isn’t heavy at all, it’s a long way from the bar she was at.

“Jonghyun, Jonghyun…” She groans and like always, he’s at her side in a minute, holding onto her hand tightly.

It’s not any different from usual. He’s at her side all the time, even when he has to drive down to Busan to get her because she’s stranded, even when he has to carry her home from school because she’s tired, even when she has cramps and he has to hold her hand because she’s so sick.

“What? I’m here.” He tells her in the softest voice he can, squeezing her hand a little bit because she’s never looked this sick before.

He should be surprised when her lips on suddenly on his, but somehow, he knows he should have seen it coming. She’s sitting up and leaning into him to kiss him harder, and he can’t help but kiss her back because this is what he wants even if it’s horrible and unfaithful. But then he feels too bad because Jinki is his friend too, and Jonghyun doesn’t even know what’s going on in the first place.

So he shoves her away, his breath huffing from his mouth as he stares at her, her eyes glossy and locked with his as she pouts. Then, the strap of her dress falls down her shoulder and she doesn’t make any move to pull it up, her black, lacy bra strap immediately catching his attention.

“We shouldn’t.” He tells her, but his voice is shrinking, just like his will power, and she sits up on her knees with that look in her eye; that’s what Jonghyun knows he’s completely fucked.

“Why not? I’m single now, and I’ve seen the way you look at me when you think I’m not looking. I know you want me.” She slurs into his ear, and it’s the most sexy and utterly pathetic thing he’s ever heard in his entire life. Then her lips are around his earlobe, sucking and tugging with a tiny moan and he’s so done for.

He grabs onto her hips, hobbling as best he can to stand up and drag her with him to the bedroom, because Minho would kill me if I had sex on the brand new couch.

And then they get there, and he sets her gently down on the bed, pulling back to look at her.

She’s staring at him with watery eyes, her breath a weird, hoarse pattern, and he immediately brings her close, fingers dragging to stop her crying.

“I loved him… I loved him so much, but two months ago, it stopped working… and I tried, I tried so hard—“

“Shh, Gwiboon, I know, it’s okay.”

“No, it’s not okay! I didn’t love him anymore!” Jonghyun freezes, but her fingers dig tighter into his shirt, and suddenly he's on top of her, her lips everywhere on his neck. “I stopped… I stopped loving him, because—“ She whispers in between kisses, and it’s hard not to flip her over so she’s on top of him and just take her right there. “—I fell in love with you.”

It takes a second to register but his body shakes and he must have a bewildered look on his face because she starts laughing at him.

“I know, how fucking stupid right? I’m so dumb, and I told him… I told him, I said, I want a break and he told me okay, and then a week later, he’s kissing someone else? When I caught him, I told him, I was like “Fuck you Jinki, I wasted my time with you when I could have been happier somewhere else.” and then he started crying and I felt… nothing, I felt nothing, I felt free. I felt happy. And.. and I wanted to call you, but weren’t you with that Sekyung girl? I was so mad… I was so mad about everything that I went to the bar, and I couldn’t stop thinking about you, and then I called you… and now you’re here, now you’re here and I’m not… I love you, I love you—“

It’s all too much for him to take in at once, and he almost misses a few details here and there because of the way she’s rushing every single word, but he definitely doesn’t miss the feeling of her lips on his again. This time, he melts into her, her fingers tugging his shirt up and he doesn’t hesitate to pull off his shirt, his bewildered eyes staring at her curiously.

It’s hesitant, careful and wild all the time same time. She’s beautiful like this, spread out underneath him, her cheeks a nice flushed red because of the way their naked bodies almost seem to fit together. Her chest is heaving with breaths as he works his fingers into her clit, her eyes locked on his.

And later, they rock together, slowly and almost languidly, his breath mixing with hers as they stare at each other. And he watches her reach her climax, eyes locked on the way her mouth falls open in a scream (of his name) and it’s almost perfect. She’s stroking his face as he slams into her for the last time, his groan getting cut off into the kiss she gives him.

Then they lay together, his body shaking as she kisses at his collarbone, mumbling something about birth control, birth control, don’t worry, I know you’re worrying but that’s the furthest thing on his mind. She’s still sort of drunk, but before he can talk to her, she’s snoring at his side (and loudly at that.)

“I love you.” He whispers to her and the only response is the loudest snore yet.


He’s making breakfast in the morning when she walks into the room, and he turns to give her a half-hearted smile. He doesn’t know what to do, and he doesn’t want to bring anything up first since… well, it’s definitely awkward.

“Morning sunshine.” And he gives his trademark grin, but this time, she isn’t really smiling at him like usual.

“Why am I in your clothes?”

Jonghyun takes a breath and lets it out. He should have known this would happen. She doesn’t remember anything, though he finds it almost impossible that she could with how trashed she really was.

“Oh, you um… puked on yourself last night, so I had to change you. Sorry.”

“Oh god, that’s so embarrassing, I’m sorry.” She laughs and tugs on the sleeve of the shirt she’s wearing, then ends up rubbing the back of her head slowly. “Do you have aspirin? I’m dying here.”

“Yeah, bathroom in the cabinet.”

She disappears down the hall and he’s left with maybe a fraction of a second, because she’s barging into the kitchen once more, but this time she has her clothes in hand.

“My clothes are clean… Jonghyun, what the fuck? What am I doing in your clothes, huh?!” She’s almost screaming at him, her fingers shaking so much that she drops her dress near his feet.

He’s frozen under her intense glare, and the way she steps closer to him scares him. She’s never been this mad with him before, and he doesn’t like it.

“Well, I mean… last night, you… I mean—“

“Fucking answer me, asshole!”

“Jesus Christ Gwiboon, we slept together, alright?! Is that what you want to hear?!”

He hears her breath catch in her throat, and the rest of her clothes fall from her hand. It’s the calm before the storm, because in a flash, she’s in his face, pointing her finger into his chest angrily.

“So you took advantage of an extremely drunk girl?! God Jonghyun, I thought you were better than that—“

“What the hell did you want me to do, Gwiboon?” Her words seem to make him snap, and he steps forward, watching a surprised look overtake her face. “You came in here, ranting about your fucking boyfriend and then you kiss me and tell me you love me. Am I supposed to just let that go?”

The silence overtakes the room and he watches her so closely, watching the tears fill in her eyes and he feels like shit. He shouldn’t yelled at her, he shouldn’t have told her that, but—

“I… told you I love you. I actually told you that? Oh god… oh god, I can’t believe… oh my god, I admitted that to you? Holy—I gotta go. I… I gotta go.”

“No,” He tells her and catches her arm before she can run away, and she looks like a deer in the headlights when she looks back at him dangerously. “You fell asleep before I gave my answer. I love you too, idiot. Why do you think I would come get you and carry you all the way home? I don’t do it for fun.”

“Asshole.” She whispers to him, and she’s crying but smiling at the same time, her hand reaching out to smack his shoulder.

Later, they curl up together, ignoring the way Gwiboon’s phone goes off constantly with what Jonghyun can guess is Jinki’s calls, and they watch some cheesy romance movie that he’s sure she has seen a million times.

“So how bad was I last night?” Gwiboon asks during a commercial and looks up at him, and he can’t help but grin at her.

“Horrible. I should have taped it. Fuck youuuu, Jinki, ohhhhh I want moreeeee.

“Fuck you!” She screeches and pinches his arm, her eyebrows wrinkled together with a scowl on her face. But he kisses it away, and when he pulls back, she is smiling, just for him.

They ignore the ringing one more time just for one more kiss.
Tags: group: shinee, pairing: jonghyun/gwiboon, rating: nc17, rating: r, verse: au
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