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au, nc17
het!jongyu (jinki/junghee)
2,523 words
warnings: sex, genderswitch, pwp, unbetaed

i felt bad for not writing for a while, so i wanted to write this as an apology/request filler but idk i don't like it so much but i hope you do ;~; school caught up with me, and my english classes are kicking my butt (i haven't started on a 5 page paper dude tomorrow... oops!) so i hope to get back in the swing of things once i get used to it, which should be soon. i switched tenses halfway through and i had to go back and fix it, so if you catch tense mistakes, that's why. i am not posting this on any comm until i post a real fic (with a plot lol) so i guess whoever reads it, reads it? idk idk i'm rambling I'M SORRY GO ON

It all starts with her text. Her stupid text that basically begs him to come help her, because she is in the nurse's office and she is too sick to come eat lunch with him.

And he believes it, oh god, he falls for it hard. He actually feels bad for her, feels bad about the whole situation, because he had been sick just the week before, and this whole thing seems like it is his fault. He kissed her, held her, slept next to her, and she kept saying It's okay baby, I don't get sick, don't worry about it, but now, well, he has to worry about it.

So he drags himself with a heavy mind and heart to the nurse's office after telling Minho he would see him at soccer practice later, hand ruffling through the back of his hair the whole way there. He feels like complete crap honestly, because she will adamantly deny it was his fault, but it is. It is his entire fault and there are some really big tests coming up, and if she fails because of him...

He doesn't deserve her really, because she is way out of his league. He is just a drama kid, and she is the head choir girl who happened to be in a show of Romeo and Juliet with him. He tried so hard to woo her, to make her notice him, but it always failed. He tripped up with his words and with his feet until it was almost too late, but somehow he got her, somehow he ended up charming her though he didn't exactly know how.

He reaches the nurse's office faster than he likes, and god, he knows how bad that sounds. But he doesn't want to see her suffering, doesn't want to hear her coughing or sneezing or see her red nose, knowing it is his fault. He pauses for a moment in front of the door, taking a little breath before pushing inside, and oh-

It is so hurried and frenzied, but her hands are all over his chest, her mouth all over the places she could reach, her hips pushing into his so hard that he has to steady himself or they both would be sent to the ground.

"Junghee, what are you doing?" He tries to stay calm, he really does, but it is just too hard when her hands find his uniform shirt, pulling it out of his slacks so she can touch his stomach. Her hands are so warm against his skin that they almost feel like they are burning him, marking him as hers and only hers, and hell if that didn't turn him on.

"Please oppa, I want you, I want you." And she is whimpering, begging for him to do something, and fuck, he hasn't even touched her yet. Her fingers work so quickly on his buttons and this is all too rushed for his liking really, but he can't complain the moment his shirt is pushed open and his jacket torn off.

He tries to tell her to calm down, to slow down, but she isn't listening to him, instead moving even faster against his command. And then she pulls back to take her jacket off and he seizes the opportunity, grabbing on to her hips and forcing her back against the nurse's desk. It shakes under their force and a couple things fall off the top, but he doesn't care, especially not when her perfect lips are so tightly against his.

It always makes his head spin every time they kiss like this, her tongue moving so quickly against his, and her whimpers. God, her whimpers feel like they vibrate through his whole body and he can't get enough, could never get enough. He pushes in between her legs, spreading them almost harshly, his hands squeezing the back of her thighs and the moan she lets out goes straight down to his cock.

It is almost embarrassing how wound up he always is for her, how badly he wants her all the time and she uses that to her advantage, he knows. She is always just as desperate as he is, and he doesn't mind, especially when she gets like this. So flushed and sweaty, so needy, all just for him, her thighs quivering as she wraps her legs around him, just to get closer.

"Please, please." She begs him, her chest pushed out against his chest and it takes everything in him not just rip her shirt off right then and there, but he can't. They still have school after this, still have half their classes, but he pushes that thought out of his mind as soon as her shirt is off and thrown to the floor. He keeps his on, unbuttoned and hanging off his shoulders, and she makes a noise of protest, but it doesn't stop her from pressing her bare chest into his, making him groan at the sensation. (When did she even get her bra off? God, she is moving way too fast.)

"You're so needy," He chuckles into her jaw, her breath hitching in her throat before she moans, and it is too loud and too quiet at the same time. "I bet you're already so ready for me, aren't you?" He knows she loves when he gets like this, and hell, he loves when she gets like this, so it’s a fair trade. She shivers against him, shifting to put her cheek on his shoulder, and he ccan feel her warm panting breath against his throat.

"Yes, I am.. god Jinki, please touch me, I'm so wet, please."

How can he say no to that? Her voice is so high pitched, her words coming out through panted breaths, and hell, he still hasn't really touched her. He grunts in response, head dipping down to press quick, messy kisses under her ear, his fingers moving down the front of her stomach. He can feel her breathing, can feel her stomach quivering as he touchs her and for some reason, that turns him on more than he expects.

He doesn't waste any time, not even bothering to take off her skirt, his fingers seeking out what she is begging for. And god, she definitely isn't lying, because he can feel how wet she is, feel how turned on she is from just touching the outside of her panties, and the noise she makes is so good. She’s trembling as he pulls her panties off and throws them away, off to the side to be forgotten about, and he jerks her closer, pressing their hips together with a groan. Even though he still has his pants on, he can feel her, feel how good she feels and he is almost tempted to take her right then and there, but he can't. They barely have time, he knows that, but he wants to drag this out for as long as possible.

His fingers slowly drag along her folds then, and the way she bucks her hips into his hand makes him groan ever so softly. She’s panting something under her breath as she stares at him - probably for him to touch her or fuck her, but he ignores it - and he just grins at her, dragging his fingers one more time.

The desk creaks with every one of her movements, with every single shake, push and thrust, and while that is loud, her moans are so much louder. They are going to get caught, he knows it, but his ranking in school doesn't really matter to him at this point.

"Shh, we're going to get caught." He warns her, playfulness evident in his voice. But there is none in her voice as she groans, fingers digging tightly into his shoulders as she pants for breath, eyes wide and staring straight up at him.

"I swear if you don't touch me, I'll do it myself Jinki, I-" But she doesn't finish, swallowing down her pride as she spread her legs for him, and just that gesture makes him groan. He almost takes her up on the offer really, it is so tempting. There is nothing he wants more than to see her pleasure herself, but they just don't have the time, not right now anyways. So he listens, pushing one finger into her at first, and oh god, it is perfect.

She is so warm, wet, inviting, and the way she tips her head back with a whimper doesn’t help. She leans back on her hands and her nails dig into the wood, and he knows they are so going to get in way too much trouble but it doesn’t matter. None of it matters when, as he adds a second finger, moving faster, she whimpers his name, looking right at him with a darkened gaze and whispers, “Now.”

He barely had time to mess around but he doesn’t care, not when her eyes are on him, watching his every move as her fingers work on his buckle, tugging everything down almost harshly. Her eyes glint mischievously when she looks up at him, her fingers taking hold of his shirt and tugging him into a kiss.

“Jinki.” She breathes against his lips, trying to get him closer, and if she could somehow work his dick inside of her just like that, he is pretty sure she was going to do it now.

“W-wait, stop, we need-“ Her loud groan interrupta his sentence, because she knows what he is talking about, and they are fucked if they can’t find it.

“Condom… fuck, I forgot. Oh god… this is a nurse’s office, there has to be one in here somewhere, just…” She doesn’t finish. She turns over as best as she can and starts to dig through the drawers. Jinki wants to help, he really does, but her skirt turns with her and her ass is just hanging out in the open for him to look at. She mumbles something about helping her look but he ignores it, his fingers running up the back of her thighs slowly.

“Jinki, don’t.” She tries to sound angry but the way her breath hitches when he drags them higher told him that she wasn’t too mad. The shuffling grows more frantic and she almost falls off the desk when she finally finds one, too excited to do anything but giggle.

When she tries to turn around, he pushes her back down and he feels bad because she whimpers, but he doesn’t care. He takes her by the hips and jerks her closer, one hand pinning her arms to the desk, the other grabbing the condom from her hands.

It’s a struggle, but somehow he manages to get it on without breaking anything or making her wait too long. But she is so impatient, hips wriggling against the wood of the desk with little whimpers, and when he looks down, two fingers are moving in and out of her quickly.

He swallows, trying to hold himself back, but it doesn’t work when her eyes meet his, and he gets lost.

He grabbs her wrist, almost harshly pulling her fingers out and placing her hand above her head, and he would have felt bad if she didn’t moan, but she does. She lets out the most delicious moan and he pauses, like always, taking a breath before pushing into her.

They have done this plenty of times before, but he always likes to let her have time to get used to it, used to him, because he doesn’t want to go too fast. But apparently she does this time, her hips moving into his, her fingers locking with his above her head.

“Move, move.” She whispers to him, her cheek pressing into the wood of the desk and the way her tone is so different now… he can’t think, only holding onto the side of the desk as he listens.

It is so easy to get lost in her, lost in her moans and her whimpers, and even though he is holding on to it, the desk is shaking and creaking with every movement of theirs. She is so wet, so tight around him that it is a surprise to him that they haven’t finished yet, especially with how fast he is going and the way she is rubbing her clit almost mercilessly. She whimpers his name once and his body shakes with the way in runs through him, but when she whispers it again, it isn’t out of lust, it was out of fear.

“Jinki, oh god, someone is coming.” She tries to grab his hand to make him stop, but hell, even if she grabbed onto his hips, he can’t stop now. There is no way. He is a panting and groaning mess, and the grip on his hand lessens when he hits deep within her, making her eyes squeeze shut with an arch into the desk.

“If it’s not you, I don’t care.” He mumbles to her, and her gasp tells him that she definitely heard it.

“Pervert.” She mumbles, tries to sound angry but it is lost in her moan, her fingers moving so much more quickly against her clit that it doesn’t take long for her to snap.

And she arches against him, fingers digging into the wood as she comes, a scream almost tearing through her throat until she covers her mouth, her walls clenching down so tightly around him. He swallows, tries to hold out for some reason but he can’t, thrusting a few more times before his hips bury themselves into her, his body shaking with his release.

It turns out to be just a false alarm, because no one comes in to yell at them or expel them, but Junghee doesn’t waste time. She takes a moment to get her strength back, and the minute he pulls out of her, she races to get dressed again, trying to still look presentable.

Jinki just smiles as he fixes the desk, not bothering with any other clothes but his boxers, really.
After everything is thrown away or cleaned up and they are both fully dressed again, they go to lay together on a bed near the back, her head tucked under his chin as she sighs happily.

“How’s your fever?” He asks and she giggles into his skin, fingers trailing up and down his sides.

“I feel a lot better, thanks.”

They fall asleep like that, classes be damned, and Jinki misses 10 texts from Minho asking when the hell he’s coming to soccer practice, but he doesn’t bother to answer them all. He sends a quick answer a few hours later (Junghee, man.) and Minho answers back a few hours after that (Spare the details.) and then what’s done is done.

They only leave when the nurse kicks them out finally and they giggle to each other, fingers locked as they walk back towards wherever, missing out on the nurse’s frantic screams when she realizes just what the hell even happened.

It’s all worth it to him, anyways.
Tags: group: shinee, pairing: jinki/junghee, rating: nc17, verse: au
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