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unplanned marriage

unplanned marriage
nc17, au
2,042 words
warnings: het! genderswitch! sex!
for thundersquall

Kim Ryeowook supposes she should that this should be the happiest moment of her life, but she can’t bring herself to even think it. Standing at the altar, bouquet of red, white and pink in her trembling hands, she says those two words with as much enthusiasm as possible.

“I do.”

She can hear the happy murmurs of her parents, his parents, her friends and family alike as the priest in front of them calls them “husband and wife.” Husband and wife… it makes her laugh to herself.

She is the furthest thing from his wife, and he is the furthest thing from her husband. They’re acquaintances at best, a plan for a merger wrapped up into a pretty white gown and a nice black tuxedo. He lifts her veil slowly, and for the first time that day, she actually looks at him. His messy brown hair, his crooked smile, his trembling lips as he leans in to seal their fate – she will remember this moment clearly for years to come.

After the party is over, after all the smiles wear out, after all the champagne and guests are gone, reality sets in for the both of them.

They sit next to each other in the limo, on the way back to his – no, their new apartment. It’s silent as they ride side by side, hands loosely intertwined together in the space between them.

“So you’re my wife now.” He says a bit silently, not sure whether it’s a statement or a question, and she can only give a curt nod. They look out the windows, in opposite directions, but they don’t let go of each other’s hand.

The first few weeks are shaky, as he comes and goes and she stays at home to take care of the apartment. It’s definitely a change to go from being a business woman to being a housewife, and it takes her a while to get used to such a big difference. She finds things to fill her time – dramas, books, cooking, sewing – things every “housewife” should know how to do, or so she thinks.

She gets better with practice, which she has plenty of time for lately. She gets tired of it after a while, but she keeps going day after day.

He comes back day after day, with tired eyes and a weak smile. Ever since the merger, Jongwoon has been working non-stop to make sure everything worked out well. She supposes that’s why she always has dinner ready and a smile on her face when he gets home.

He always greets her with a kiss on the cheek and a hello, but nothing much else.

Today is different, she notices, because he doesn’t even kiss her cheek, he doesn’t even touch her. He just walks to the bedroom and collapses on the bed, a groan leaving his lips.

“Jongwoon?” She asks softly, following him with a worried look on her face. He doesn’t move until she sits down next to him, hand coming out to slowly brush his hair away from his face.

“I’m tired,” He mumbles, not looking up at her. “I just want to sleep.”

“Then let’s sleep.” She tells him softly, a small smile on her face.

Dinner is forgotten about as they curl up next to each other, Ryeowook facing his chest with a smile. It’s the first time they ever sleep like this. It feels nice to be in his arms, his chin on the top of her head, his arms slung tightly around her waist as he feels asleep.

The next morning,she wakes up to find half of her dinner missing, a small note on the table. “Thank you, it was delicious. Make this more often, okay? – Jongwoon

It makes her smile.

It’s a few months later when Jongwoon comes home at 2 in the morning, drunk out of his mind, that Ryeowook realizes she’s actually in love with her husband. It’s those strange, quirky habits, those small kisses and hugs, and the weekly cuddling sessions that make her love him.

He makes so much noise that she wakes up with a start. She drags herself out of bed, her over-sized t-shirt hanging off her shoulder, her hair a mess as she watches him fumble around the kitchen for something.

“Jongwoon.” She says quietly, rubbing at her eyes. He stops and slowly turns to her, blank for a moment before smiling.

“Wife! Oh wife, I’m so sorry, did I wake you?” He slurs as he picks her up, twirling her around the room. She squeals and clings to him as he does, kicking her feet a bit as he sets her down on the couch.

“Jongwoon…” She’s speechless other than that. She’s never seen him drunk before, but she doesn’t mind this much. Her heart is pounding in her chest as her cheeks flush, and he leans over her with a grin.

“I’m glad you’re awake... I missed you so much tonight, you know?” He’s talking so fast that she can keep up. “I wanted to see you… you look nice, really nice.”

She barely has to time to catch her breath as he leans in for a kiss. His lips taste like a mix of lip balm, alcohol and cigarettes, but she doesn’t mind. He pulls her closer and holds her there, willing her to kiss him back. Her heart is going crazy as she does, her fingers tangling deep into his hair as he pulls back.

“I’m glad you’re with me, never leave me.” He breathes into her hair, finally pulling back to wander down the hall. She’s frozen in place for a while after he leaves, lips trembling as she stares toward the empty hallway.

She falls asleep there on the couch, and she sleeps too long, because Jongwoon is shaking her awake with a soft “Hey.”

She springs up and holds her hand close to her chest the moment she sees him, her face flushing pink. He’s smiling at her, hand still holding onto her arm.

“We should talk.” He tells her, but she gets up, pushing past him to go the kitchen.

“Oh god, what time is it? I’m so sorry, breakfast will be ready soon, I promise.” She’s frazzled, rushing around the kitchen, but he stops her with a hand on her shoulder.

“Ryeowook. About last night.” He tries again but Ryeowook is too busy trying to pry away and make breakfast. She hears him sigh and in a flash, his lips are on hers again, but there’s no alcohol on his breath this time. He pulls back slowly, a hand running through her hair as he gives her a grin. “I want to keep kissing you.”

His words leave her speechless. So, instead of speaking, she leans in for another kiss.

A couple more months go by, and Ryeowook can’t believe how happy she actually is. Things are mostly the same – Jongwoon is always working, she’s always learning new things to pass the time – but little things are different. Every night, he comes home and gives her a kiss on the lips, tells her how pretty she looks, compliments her food even if it’s horrible.

It’s their one year anniversary today, and while dinner is ready, she is not. She’s in the bathroom, playing with her hair even though it won’t co-operate. She starts to freak out when she hears him come in, call her name and she drops the hairbrush in her hand with a surprised sound.

He’s next to her in a second, a worried frown being replaced with an amused smirk, leaning against the door frame.

“What are you doing?” He asks as she scrambles up, holding the brush close to her chest.

“I’m, uh… I’m.” She stutters but there’s no reply. He slowly moves towards her, hand reaching up to touch the ends of her hair.

“You look beautiful.” He whispers, relishing in the blush on her face as he leans in for a kiss.

There’s something different about this kiss, she notices, his tongue pushing her lips open, a surprised moan leaving her. That sets him off, and she doesn’t realize that her dress is unzipped until his fingers are dancing along her skin. He picks her up, sets her on the counter with a satisfied grin, and takes his place in between her legs.

He doesn’t say anything as he undresses her, eyes and hands roaming her skin, making her shiver with anticipation. His eyes are dark, tinted with something she’s never seen before, and she bites her lip to keep quiet.

His fingers brush along her folds before he pushes a finger into her, slowly, mouth experimentally pressing kisses to her cheek. She moans, arches towards him, cries out when he adds another finger and his thumb brushes against her clit. Her senses are on fire, her whole body tingling with want for him and him only.

He mumbles something she can’t understand as he bends down, and she covers her mouth to keep from moaning when he starts to lick her. He pulls his fingers out and moves his tongue to take their place, and instead, his fingers start to move against her in slow circles.

Her fingers dig tightly into the marble of the bathroom sink, her legs shaking as she pulls them further apart for him. She comes suddenly, her head tilting back against the mirror, her whole body shaking as she moans through panted breaths.

She opens her eyes, lidded, as she stares at him. There’s a smirk on his face, and it only helps to make her body flare up with heat again.

“Jongwoon.” She whispers before he kisses her again, her fingers taking a hold of his shirt to tug him closer.

They somehow make it to the bed, and he takes her there, hands running all over her body until she feels like she can’t breathe. He’s so gentle the first time, running his hands up and down her sides, making her sigh gently and moan softly into his ear as she comes again. He leans his head into her shoulder after his own release, pressing slow kisses to her sweat covered skin.

“You make the best noises.” He tells her, not watching the way she flushes and turns her head to the side.

“A-ah.” is all she can say, her hands dragging down his back slowly. He pulls out and takes a spot next to her, pulling her to his chest with a content sigh.

“God, I love you.”

It makes her heart stop. She doesn’t look up at him, thoughts running through her head a mile a minute, unsure of what to say. She wants to scream, yes, god yes, I love you too, but her breath is caught in her throat and she can’t speak. He sighs and starts to pull away from her, mumbling a small sorry, but she grabs his shirt, pulling him back.

“I… oh god Jongwoon, I love you too.” She finally looks up at him, and he is practically beaming. A large smile overtakes his face, but he doesn’t say anything, only leans down to kiss her.

He takes her again, but their eyes are open and focused on each other, hands linked together on the bed above her head. She moans, sighs and cries out, but it’s all for him and him only. It doesn’t take her long until she arches towards him, crying out his name as she finishes, her nails digging into his hand.

They fall asleep after that, curled up in each other’s arms with content smiles on their faces.

When she wakes up the next morning, he isn’t there, but instead there is a note with her name on it. She blinks and reads it, holding the blanket close to her chest.

I’ll be home later, we’ll celebrate our one year for real this time. I love you. – Jongwoon

She holds the note to her heart as she smiles, laying back down in bed again. She never could have imagined being so happy, so in love with him the first time she ever met him.

She supposes she should thank her parents later, but she probably won’t.
Tags: group: super junior, pairing: yesung/ryeowook, rating: nc17, verse: au
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